Get Involved


SW Ohio Green Volunteer Network

Spring and Summer of 2018 

There are a variety of local communities and schools that are in need of volunteers for various green projects in SW Ohio. Join our network to be contacted about volunteer or networking activities. Sign-up includes a seasonal newsletter with upcoming events and opportunities.
This Spring/Summer we are looking for volunteers for projects. Please contact for more details. 

Open positions

There are immediate open volunteer positions for all areas including, but not limited to:
  • Board of directors
  • Nutrition educators
  • Garden Engagement Coordinator
  • Grant Writer
  • Botanist, Friend of plants (indoor/outdoor)
  • Landscape Artist
  • Greenhouse Construction


Training is available for all positions associated with GreenStems. For all who wish to work in the schools, a criminal background check is required prior to entering schools. 

Email: or Contact Us using the link provided. 


Your time

Seriously, we need you as part of your Society. If you live in or near a school community that we serve, we want you! Connect with children through a number GS activities sharing a green expertise that you know. Or just come help out. All are welcome.
But, if you can't donate your time then donate...

Your Goods

We are in search of gardening supplies. Potting soil & supplies. Trays. Cell packs. Yogurt cups.
We are in search of wood. Any size shape. Wood working tools.
We are in search of tools. Gloves (children and adult size), goggles, spades and shovels (small and large), rakes, hoes, screwdrivers (electric drills, phillips and flathead), pots, plants, trays, 55 galon or larger barrels, electric cords, electrical hardware, wire cutters...

Or donate...

Your money 

Our organization is in need of funding to support doing science. We typically are asked to procure plants, wood, and other supplies for school garden creation. We have administrative costs associated with being a non-profit organization (IRS, for example). All donations are tax deductible. 
Thank you for supporting our organization!