We are excited to announce the creation of our new E-Book: 
GreenSTEMS Green Education Guide
Green Education Guide Cover

About the book
This e-book is a one-stop source introducing the reader to the following topics:
  • Sowing Seeds through the School Year
  • Gardening for Good Nutrition
  • Learning in the Land Lab
  • Starting Sustainable Systems
  • Practicing Permaculture

The e-book defines current topics in green education and highlights example programs and lessons. It also provides all of the sources for these examples in case you want to follow-up with further research. 

Book background
Instead of combing through hundreds of websites that essentially say the same thing, we wanted to create a resource to be used as an introduction for the novice school gardener - parent, teacher, administrator, staff, or volunteer - and as a reference for the seasoned school garden professional looking to expand or enhance current programming. This book was created in collaboration with Miami University of Ohio students completing a Service-Learning oriented Print and Digital Editing course. Through this collaboration between GreenSTEMS, Dr. Theresa Evans, and the outstanding efforts of the Miami students, we were able to conceptualize, create, edit, and publish this work. 

 ©GreenSTEMS 2018
Joseph Schroer,
May 18, 2018, 7:58 AM